Is the union of an entrepreneurs couple that decided since 2010 put their know-how at service of Colombian Enogastronomic. Their business philosophy is based on enjoying the benefits of good food in a healthy way and responsible consumption. 

NAOS name is derived of conjugation their same names NA of Nancy and OS of Oscar.


Hers professional experience was obtained in different industries as Liquors, Pharmaceutical and Financial working in Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Quality Control departments. From different Multinational companies learn and develop skills that drove her to the entrepreneur adventure. Her Blog aimed at entrepreneurs and businesswoman. 

Loves planning and organization.


Sommelier WSET 3 / Cigar Sommelier IACS / Tea Gourmand

His vocation and passion for oenology, services, beverages, foods, cigars and pairings allowing him to work in active ways to contribute in all improvement of gastronomic industry and progress of the regional economy, promoting knowledge and service based in high luxury standards.

Passionate reader.